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If you’re looking for a good natural sunscreen this summer, put your trust in Badger. Badger Sunscreen is one of the top-rated sunscreens on the Environmental Working Group’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide. The EWG gives this natural sunscreen a score of 1/10–and in this case, the lower the score, the better the product!

Instead of using chemicals, Badger Sunscreen uses zinc oxide to block UVA and UVB rays. Like most sunscreens that use zinc oxide, Badger Sunscreen leaves behind a white residue once applied, so you may find yourself spending a few extra minutes rubbing it all in. Once it’s on, however, this sunscreen provides great protection.

Badger Sunscreens use zinc oxide to protect you from UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreens come in SPF 15 or SPF 30 as well as scented and unscented. Photo Courtesy Badger.

Badger’s sunscreens come in a variety of options, including scented and unscented and either SPF 15 or SPF 30. While other sunscreens may tout higher SPFs, Badger’s sunscreens provide equal sun protection. I took my tube of Badger’s SPF 30 unscented natural sunscreen with me to the Dominican Republic last March, and I’m glad to report this product stood up to the harsh rays of the Caribbean sun. If you want a second opinion, check out the EWG’s review of this sunscreen. It rates Badger Sunscreen as having good UVB protection and excellent UVA protection.

The base of Badger Sunscreen contains beeswax and organic plant oils such as extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter, which all help to make the sunscreen waterproof for up to 40 minutes. Because the sunscreen formula doesn’t call for water, none of the products need chemical emulsifiers or preservatives. The sunscreens are also free of any dyes or fragrances; the scented sunscreens derive their aroma from pure essential oils instead.

Spent too much time in the sun? Check out Badger’s Bali Balm, an after-sun product that will return moisture to your skin and soothe mild burns. Be sure to also check out Natural Home assistant editor Kim Wallace’s blog Naturally Beautiful for more reviews of natural sunscreens.

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