Natural Sleep Help: Sweet Dreams Pillow

<p>A sweet dreams pillow is a small bag or pillow filled with herbs. Tucked inside your pillowcase, the herbs will be crushed slightly as you sleep, thus releasing their subtle aromas. Making your own dream pillow is simple. Use any of the herbs above or any other aromatic herbs you find relaxing.</p>
<li>One 5-by-12-inch attractive, natural fabric strip</li>
<li>A handful of cotton batting or fiberfill</li>
<li>½ cup dried herbs</li>
<li>Fold your fabric strip in half with the right sides together, so you have a 5-by-6-inch piece. Stitch up two sides of the pillow, leaving the folded side not sewn and one end open. Wash and dry the cloth with no fragrance or fabric softener, to remove any dyes and sizing smells in new cloth, which can cause headaches.</li>
<li>Turn right-side-out and place a cotton ball-sized amount of cotton or fiberfill material in the bottom of the cloth “pocket.” Add about ½ cup of dried, blended herbs and another small amount of cotton or fiberfill on top.</li>
<li>Fold over open end and sew shut by hand with a running stitch.</li>
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<em>Source: Long, Jim.</em> Making Herbal Dream Pillows<em>. Pownal, Vermont: Storey Books, 1998.</em>
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