A Permanent Natural Remedy for Allergies

Take steps to learn the connection between allergies and diet, and change your eating habits to eliminate symptoms forever.

| May/June 2016

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All of the symptoms of seasonal allergies are also signs of inflammation.

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Spring and summer are a joy—unless you’re one of the millions who suffer with seasonal allergies. Then these seasons can be miserable thanks to sniffling, scratchy throats, coughing, itchy eyes—or the alternative: taking allergy medications that make us sleepy and groggy.

I suffered from horrible seasonal allergies well into my midteens, so I am no stranger to the symptoms. My summers were spent retreating to an air-conditioned room with an antihistamine on those high pollen count days. I loved being outdoors as much as possible, so it made me miserable on every level. It’s even worse if allergies trigger asthma—which is the case for many adults and increasing numbers of children.

Breaking the Cycle

One year, everything changed for me. I became a vegetarian (although you do not have to become a vegetarian to get rid of your allergies); stopped consuming sugar, soda, preservatives, additives, dyes and other nonfood junk; and drastically decreased my dairy intake (yes, if you want your allergies to go away forever, you will have to do this—sorry).

I went as organic as I could afford to. I did this for political, not health, reasons. I was part of the early movement to “take back our food” and be free of dependence on Big Agra. In the days before Google and Whole Foods, it took a lot of effort to find local co-ops and small farms from which to get my foods, but I felt good about my choices. The unexpected bonus was that health issues, which I had just assumed were a normal part of life for me, simply vanished—including my allergies.

That spring and summer came and went without a tickle, sniffle, cough or medication. Then the next. And the next. At some point, I realized what had happened: I had become allergy-free. I didn’t even use herbs or supplements at the time because I wasn’t intentionally trying to get rid of them. It was all about the dietary changes.

Even more interestingly, when I had kids—despite rampant colds, allergies and asthma on both sides of our families—they didn’t get sick, need antibiotics, or have any allergy or asthma symptoms. An original organic foodie, I breastfed each child for well over a year, introducing healthy, organic, homemade foods slowly into their diets around 10 months to 1 year of age. They never had juice or sugar, and dairy was at a minimum—with occasional organic, live-culture yogurt. I was amazed. It was all about their diet, too.

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