PMS Remedies

Kick PMS cramps to the curb with these tips.

| June 2018

  • For some women, PMS can be severely painful.
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  • “Health Hacks” by Esme Floyd lets you understand why your body works the way it does, how you can remedy it when it's underperforming and how you can keep it a well-oiled machine all through life.
    Cover courtesy Carlton Books

Health Hacks (Carlton Books, 2016) by Esme Floyd will help you to make small changes that reap really big health benefits. This book has direct remedies for health problems as well as preventative advice on topics ranging from nutrition and fitness to illnesses and stress, This section will help you beat PMS symptoms.

Jog Away Pain

Taking regular exercise – for example, aerobics or jogging – can help reduce the symptoms of PMS (PMT). However, you should be exercising on a regular basis, not just when symptoms are present, if you want to enjoy the full health benefits.

Experiment with EPO

Some women find that taking evening primrose oil helps relieve breast discomfort. Long-term treatment (more than three months) may be required before any effect is noticed, however.

Smoothie Away Symptoms

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