Pine Pitch Salve Recipe


  • 1 part clean pine pitch
  • 2 parts extra-virgin olive oil
  • Grated beeswax (proportions below)


    • Using a double boiler, melt the pitch in the olive oil until it’s mostly dissolved — it’s fine if a little resin remains solid.
    • Add the grated beeswax (1 part grated beeswax per 4 parts combined liquid oil and pitch).
    • Pour into jars, and let cool before adding lids.

    For more about pine, see:

    Juliet Blankespoor is the director and founder of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, where she offers online courses on foraging, medicine making, and herb cultivation.

    The measurements in this recipe needn’t be exact, but following the general proportions by volume (using a measuring cup) will be useful for achieving your desired consistency.

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