Natural Remedies to Help Stop Smoking

Natural remedies to help stop smoking, includes Q and A with leading natural health experts.

| November/December 2006

Try these natural remedies to help stop smoking, including kola nut, vervain leaf, saw palmetto berry and mullein tea to alleviate cravings.

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Natural Remedies to Help Stop Smoking

I have been a moderate to heavy smoker for the last 10 years, and would like to try and quit in the spring. Can you suggest anything I might take to help me through the process?
Alameda, California

Khalsa responds: First, let me applaud your decision. Smoking is one of the riskiest lifestyle choices you can make—it’s suicide in slow motion. The World Health Organization says that smoking causes more death and disability than any single disease. If you end up being a lifetime tobacco smoker, there is a 50 percent chance that your eventual death will be smoking-related. And half of those deaths by smoking will be in middle age.

For several years, I managed the nutritional therapy department of an accredited holistic hospital. I saw countless people go through smoking cessation. Tobacco is a tough addiction, but natural therapies make stopping bearable. After many years of adjusting and improving a protocol, here’s what I’ve come to favor.

Setting a plan, as you are doing, is the way to succeed. Set a date and work toward it. Begin your natural remedies well in advance to prepare your tissues. In my experience, it seems that gradual reduction works better than cold turkey.

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