Natural Nasal Spray for Sinus Infections

Use the power of herbal tinctures to help treat pesky sinus infections.

| January/February 2016

nasal spray held in front of scarf

Cryptolepis, juniper berry and usnea tinctures combine to eliminate bacteria causing infections and excess mucus.

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• 5 drops cryptolepis tincture
• 5 drops bidens tincture
• 5 drops juniper berry tincture
• 5 drops usnea tincture


1. Combine tinctures in a 1-ounce nasal spray bottle, and add enough filtered water to make 1 ounce.

2. Replace cap, and spray into nostrils as often as desired.

Note: You could substitute 2 drops each of the essential oils of eucalyptus, sage, rosemary and juniper for the tinctures if you wish.

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