4 Natural First-Aid Remedies

From sore throats and cough to scrapes and bruises, you can utilize plants for natural first-aid remedies with these simple recipes.

| April 2015

  • “The Herbal Handbook for Home & Health” by Pip Waller is designed to help you care for the whole family, pets included.
    Cover courtesy North Atlantic Books
  • Treat everyday ailments with an array of natural first-aid remedies.
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Anyone can harness the power of plants to reduce allergens and toxins present in their environment. Expert herbalist and author Pip Waller proves more than 500 plant-based remedies for house, health and more in The Herbal Handbook (North Atlantic Books, 2015). The following excerpt from “First-Aid Plant Power” offers a few natural remedies to treat the most common ailments.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: The Herbal Handbook.

Nature’s kingdom is abundant in all kinds of powerful remedies for injuries, emergencies, and life’s ups and downs. This chapter is packed with home remedies for soothing and healing cuts, bruises, breaks, and strains, and for treating everyday ailments, such as colds and flu, headaches, hay fever, and stomach upsets.

Spray for Strained or Sore Throats


• 2 drops thyme essential oil
• 1/2 tsp. pure vegetable glycerin
• 2 tsp./10ml sage tincture
• 2 tsp./10ml echinacea tincture
• 1 tbsp. elderberry, rowan, or rose hip syrup, or a mixture
• 4 tsp. boiled water


1. Beat the thyme essential oil into the glycerin.

4/22/2015 9:07:01 AM

I make the herbal throat spray with a few additional ingredients: 1/2 t. myrrh tincture, 2 tsp. marshmallow tincture and 1 t. calendula flower tincture.(I tincture my own herbs) I'm sure there are many 'formulas' and all the above herbs are very beneficial!

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