Make Your Own Herbal Pills

Get started on the path to natural health when you learn how to make herbal pills.

| July/August 2015

  • Herbal pills are an easy-to-make, practical way to consume medicinal herbs.
    Photo by Jason Houston

If you are used to taking over-the-counter pills for a headache, there’s no reason you can’t make your own headache pills as a replacement. Making herb pills is easy for anyone who’s ever played with modeling dough. Make them any size you like, noting appropriate dosing details for the herbs used. Store them in the fridge so they stay soft, and make them with any spice you like. Do you like chocolate? Roll your headache pills in cocoa powder. We don’t have to step completely out of your comfort zones to live naturally.

1. Start with a blend of finely powdered herbs.

2. Add a dollop of raw honey and enough water until the mix resembles bread dough.

3. Split your dough into two or three pieces and roll them into a thin rope.

4. Cut the rope into small segments.

5. Roll each segment into pea-sized balls or smaller.

8/7/2015 9:26:17 AM

Just wondering: How long will these keep, if stored as instructed? THank you!

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