Hydrotherapy Treatment for Inflammation

Conquer painful inflammation symptoms by using the anti-inflammatory benefits of cold water.

By Christopher Vasey, N.D.

Cover courtesy Inner Traditions International

Natural Remedies for Inflammation (Healing Arts Press, 2014) by Christopher Vasey contains valuable information about treating inflammation naturally. The book examines 50 of the most common inflammation-related illnesses and explains which medicinal plant or food supplement is best suited to ease the symptoms and help the body heal.The following excerpt is from Chapter 7, "Hydrotherapy."

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Hydrotherapy is a treatment that consists of applying either cold or hot water on the body's surface. The site and duration of the application vary in accordance with the patient's needs. The purpose of these applications is to stimulate necessary physiological exchanges when they are insufficient or to slow them down when they are too intense. The results of the treatment manifest not just on the surface of the body but also in its depths, in the blood capillaries, muscles, and organs.