Aromatic Honey for Asthma

Thyme, marjoram and basil help relax bronchial muscles, clear mucus and open airways in this Aromatic Honey recipe.

| November 2012

Homegrown Remedies By Anne McIntyre

With “Homegrown Remedies,” you can learn how to grow herbs in pots and use your plants to create natural remedies to treat a variety of health complaints and common ailments.

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This Aromatic Honey recipe helps clear up coughs and congestion and has a pleasing herbal flavor. This recipe is excerpted from Homegrown Remedies (Gaia, 2011), a guide to growing all the herbs you need to make natural, inexpensive remedies. For more information on herbal remedies and a sample of recipes, check out 4 Herbal Remedies Everyone Should Know.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Homegrown Remedies.

Aromatic Honey for Asthma

This honey is excellent for coughs and asthma. Thyme and marjoram relax bronchial muscles, clear mucus, dispel infection and open the airways. Basil is a calming herb, clearing congestion and relaxing chest muscles. Wild pansy is good for bronchitis, coughs, asthma and catarrh.


• 1 to 2 cups each fresh or 1/2 to 1 cup dried purple basil leaves, thyme flowers and leaves, marjoram leaves, wild pansy flowers and leaves
• 14 ounces honey, either thyme or Manuka honey

Makes enough to fill a 14-ounce jar

10/21/2014 9:33:56 AM

It's my understanding that raw honey is part of what is beneficial about it's use-when heating in double boiler for 4-5 hours are we talking about gently heating to infuse the herbs or actually boiling this mixture? Seems it would be the most beneficial with only gentle heat.

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