At-Home Herbal First Aid Kit

Stock your medicine cabinets with these natural herbal remedies to treat your common injuries.

| January 2018

  • Many herbs can be used as natural remedies for common injuries.
    Photo by Pixabay/mohamed_hassan
  • “The Natural First Aid Handbook” by Brigitte Mars offers the most effective natural remedies for your health.
    Photo courtesy of Storey Publishing

The Natural First Aid Handbook (Storey, 2017) by Brigitte Mars walks readers through treating their common injuries with common but effective herbal remedies that can be found at a local pharmacy or even at home. The following excerpt is her list of herbs to be included in your Herbal First Aid Kit.

Your mother falls down the stairs. Your toddler scrapes his knee. Your sister comes down with food poisoning. Your husband gets frostbite. To treat any and all of the injuries and conditions resulting from these common events, you need a first-aid kit that can handle just about anything. Most of these items are readily available in pharmacies and health food stores. Here’s what the kit should include:

Ace bandage. To wrap sprains and apply pressure to bleeding wounds.

Adhesive dressings, butterfly bandages, gauze pads, roll of adhesive tape. In an emergency situation, you can use a clean plantain leaf taped over a wound as a bandage.

Alcohol. To sterilize tweezers, needles.

Analgesic balm. To alleviate pain. Apply topically.

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