Essential Herbal Elixir Recipe for Immune Health

Use an herbal elixir to keep your immune system functioning optimally throughout the winter.

January/February 2015

  • A simple winter elixir, taken daily, can prevent illness.
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Use this elixir daily throughout winter to keep your immune system functioning optimally. The adaptogens astragalus, ashwagandha, and rhodiola will help you sail through the long, cold winter season. Astragalus is a deep immune tonic, rhodiola will help maintain a healthy mood and energy levels in the darkness of winter, and ashwagandha soothes nerves and promotes a healthy nervous system.

Essential Herbal Elixir Recipe


• 10 grams ashwagandha root
• 10 grams rhodiola root
• 10 grams astragalus root
• 150 milliliters brandy or vodka plus 2 tablespoons honey OR 170 milliliters vegetable glycerin plus 70 milliliters water


1. Grind herbs into a coarse powder and put in a glass jar.

2. Add brandy or vodka, or vegetable glycerin and water. Stir well. If you need to add more liquid, put in an additional 30 milliliters brandy or vodka, or 25 milliliters glycerin and 5 milliliters water. Cover with a lid and let sit for 2 weeks, shaking daily.

3. Strain and pour liquid into a dark bottle, label and store in a cabinet. Compost herbs.

4. To use, take 1 teaspoon brandy or vodka elixir or 2 teaspoons glycerin elixir every day.

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Tieraona Low Dog is an internationally recognized expert in integrative medicine, as well an herbalist, midwife and author of Healthy at Home. Follow her on Twitter @lowdogmd.