Essentials Only: Traveling First Aid Kit

Pack light and only bring these essential herbal remedy supplies with you when traveling.

| January 2018

  • You should always travel with an emergency first aid kit in case of injury.
    Photo by Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos
  • “The Natural First Aid Handbook” by Brigitte Mars offers the most effective natural remedies for your health.
    Photo courtesy of Storey Publishing

The Natural First Aid Handbook (Storey, 2017) by Brigitte Mars walks readers through treating their common injuries with common but effective herbal remedies that can be found at a local pharmacy or even at home. The following excerpt is her list of herbs that make for a light but perfect Traveling First Aid Kit.

You can’t lug your entire herbal first-aid kit around. So here’s a list of multiuse essentials to keep in your handbag or briefcase.

• Echinacea tincture
• Rescue Remedy
• Herbal salve
• Adhesive dressings
• Homeopathic arnica
• Lavender essential oil
• Tea tree essential oil
• Ume concentrate

Survival Kit for the Car

A snowstorm strikes unexpectedly. A flash flood washes away the road. Ten people are injured in a multicar crash on the expressway. These are things that happen every day in every part of the world. To be prepared to handle them, here’s what you should keep in your car:

Ax. To chop wood. Can be of aid in constructing a makeshift shelter.

Blanket. In case you need to bivouac in the cold. Also useful in the treatment of shock.


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