Herbal Syrups for Common Ailments: The Energizer

Get the benefits of schisandra berry, bilberry and other energizing herbs in this easy to make syrup.

November/December 2016

  • Acai Berry
    Acai is only one of the berries in this syrup that boosts energy.
    Photo by Fotolia/lazyllama
  • Acai Berry

This tonic is an energy and immunity-booster during times of stress or transition. It’s especially beneficial when one begins to feel ragged and worn out from daily activities (non-illness-related).


• 1⁄2 cup schisandra berry
• 3⁄4 cup bilberry
• 3⁄4 cup acai berry
• 2 cups water
• 1 cup sugar or honey
• Vodka or American skullcap tincture (1⁄4 of bottle space)


Herbal Concentrate Method: Decoction

Medicinal Potential

Schisandra berry: As an adaptogen, possible aphrodisiac and energy tonic, it can help the body resist stress while improving energy and endurance; promotes overall balanced body systems

Bilberry: Contains anthocyanins (a flavonoid which assists in keeping body cells healthy); may improve blood circulation

Acai: Contains antioxidants and anthocyanins; may help suppress inflammation; has been used as a gentle aphrodisiac, brain and energy booster

American skullcap: Used as an antiviral, gentle relaxant, helps calm nerves; may be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of withdrawal due to its calming effects


Never start using an adaptogen while ill. Consult a medical professional before integrating any tonic into your daily regime. Schisandra berry may cause stomach upset and can decrease appetite.

Bilberry is contraindicated for insulin-dependent diabetes.

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