Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery

A natural remedy may be the only clue to a mysterious murder in this fiction story about a naturopathic doctor and her aunt’s use of flower essences to cure stress.

| April 2012

  • This fiction mystery is steeped in herb lore and natural remedies, yoga and meditation. Follow the story of naturopathic doctor Willow McQuade as she seeks to solve the murder of her beloved aunt whose flower essences herbal remedy may have been switched with poison. “Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery” by Chrystle Fiedler is as engaging as it is educational about natural remedies and full-body health.
    Photo courtesy Gallery Books (c) 2012

Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery (Gallery Books, 2012) by Chrystle Fiedler is the story of Willow McQuade, a naturopathic doctor trying to figure out if her aunt’s flower essences, a natural remedy for stress, were poisoned resulting in her aunt’s murder. This book is a suspenseful fusion of mystery and natural remedies from flower essences and herbal supplements to yoga and meditation. This excerpt was taken from Chapter 1. 

  Dear Dr. McQuade,
Help! I’ve been feeling anxious and stressed to the max ever since I started my new job. Is there anything natural I can take to help me chill out?
  Stressed Out

  Dear Stressed Out,
Have no fear. One of the best natural remedies for stress is flower essences, which help to correct emotional imbalances. There are thirty-eight flower essences, developed by Dr. Edward Bach in 1934. Just put a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy—a combination of rockrose for terror and panic, impatiens for irritation and impatience, clematis for inattentiveness, star-of-Bethlehem for shock, and cherry plum for irrational thoughts—under your tongue and you’ll begin to chill big-time. You’ll find it at your local health food store.
  Willow McQuade, ND

Call me a nature nut. I love nature. I like to walk in nature, I use natural remedies, and I practice natural medicine as a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles. So my “green exercise,” walking in the forest, this Friday morning fit right into that theme.

It was part of the reason I’d traveled to Long Island, two hours east of New York City at the beginning of June, wanting to absorb by osmosis nature’s finest in a preserve the Nature Conservancy called one of nature’s last, best places. I’d come back to my hometown of Greenport, New York, an idyllic fishing village turned tourist mecca, to stay with my beloved aunt Claire, master herbalist and owner of Nature’s Way Market and Café, for my annual summer visit and to rest and recuperate.

I desperately needed these two weeks away after a punishing spring that involved joining a new holistic medical practice in West Hollywood, traveling biweekly to consult at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, writing a blog and numerous articles for Nature’s Remedy—an online magazine—and handling a high-maintenance boyfriend, now my ex. More about him later.

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