Natural Perspectives on Infertility

| May/June 2000

  • Regular exercise is important for maintaining good pelvic circulation.
  • There is clear statistical evidence that older couples increase their chances of conceiving with natural preconception care.
  • Bohdan and Sherry followed a natural preconception program to conceive Noah. Here, they’re at their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in front of Noah’s blessing tree.

If you’ve been trying to conceive with no ­success, you may want to ­consider alternative treatments—they’re working remarkably well with some forms of infertility. Could healthy babies be as ­simple as ­better nutrition and herbal remedies? 

When she was trying to get pregnant, Sherry found herself embroiled in an internal battle—over fried vegetable chips. “I remember buying a bag one day, and I felt like an addict,” she says. “I opened the bag and ate one, and I thought, ‘No, this isn’t what I want to do.’ I wanted to eat the whole bag, but I gave it away to a friend.”

As part of her pursuit of natural infertility care, Sherry and her husband Bohdan were on a diet that eliminated many foods they loved. They had tried for more than a year to conceive, with no success. So they decided to look into infertility treatments.

“We wanted to do whatever we possibly could,” Sherry says. “We put all our energy into making it happen.”

Sherry and Bohdan worked for several months with herbalist Joyce Stahmann, who guided Sherry through a regimen that included stress reduction, detoxification, hormone balancing herbs, dietary changes, and exercise. Stahmann is the first representative in the United States of Natural Fertility Management, a program imported from Australia and founded by naturopathic doctor Francesca Naish, who has twenty-five years of experience treating infertility holistically.

During her work with Stahmann, Sherry also had surgery for endometriosis and a uterine polyp. And something—although she’s not sure what—paid off. In February 1999, she had a healthy baby boy, Noah.

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