Natural Healing: Herbal Bath Delights

Do as the Romans Did

| July/August 2003

Herbal Bath Oils:

It is said that at the ancient Roman baths of Caracalla, citizens could choose from 20 types of soaks, including steams and massages, mineral water and oils, friction rubs and saltwater brews. All were designed not only to cleanse, but to heal and beautify.

The Romans were onto something with the healing bath. Herbal soaks can turn your bathtub, whether humble in its setting or ornately constructed, into a spa — a place to relieve tension, soothe aching joints, stimulate circulation or chase away a cold. All you need is a little herbal know-how and 30 minutes or so of happy solitude.

Basic Bath Steps

• Reserve the bathroom for yourself when you’re sure you won’t be interrupted, or obtain family support for your 30 minutes of bath time if your only chance for an uninterrupted soak is between midnight and 6 a.m.

• Prepare your herbal bath.

• Shut the door behind you and begin filling the tub with comfortably warm water.

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