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Multi-Masking for Glowing Skin

By Staff

Multi-Masking for Glowing Skin

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August 2018



Mask to Relax and Rejuvenate

Everyday stress and environmental stressors can wreak havoc on your skin. Give yourself and your skin a relaxing rejuvenating treat. At-home spa time musts: draw a bath with some soothing essential oils, relaxing tunes and grab a couple of natural face masks.

Benefits of using Natural Face Masks

Natural face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with a variety of skin concerns. They help to provide your skin with an abundance of skin-loving ingredients, potent antioxidants, and a natural, illuminating youthful-looking glow.


What is Multi-Masking?

Multi-masking is using more than one face mask at the same time. So, with nature-inspired face masks providing fantastic skin nourishing benefits, why not turn it up a notch and multi-mask? With unpredictable weather and our bodies going through constant changes, figuring out what your skin needs can be a little tricky. Don’t let it stress you out instead have a little fun by mixing and matching your favorite masks.

How to Multi-Mask like a Pro

There is no rule, style or design to multi-masking. All you have to do is pick the best masks ingredients and benefits for your skin and apply to those specific areas as needed. For example, if you have acne prone skin or after being exposed to a lot of dust and dirt, use a little bit of your favorite natural charcoal mask in those areas. Charcoal masks are great for drawing out bacteria, dirt, and micro-particles to the surface to help reduce blemishes, blackheads and to detoxify the skin. If you not only suffer from acne but also experience some dryness or hyperpigmentation on other areas of your face, apply a little clay mask to that area, too. Clay masks are perfect for soothing, hydrating, absorbing excess oils and cleaning out the pores. For areas on the face that appear to be a little irritated, oily or that have an uneven tone, apply a natural clay mask to the areas of concern. If you’re looking for a little anti-aging boost for common troublesome areas such as around the mouth, chin, frown lines and neck, using a firming mask in those areas will do just the trick.

Get more bang for your buck by using masks on other troublesome areas such as the neck, décolletage, hands, and back. Why not enjoy the benefits of natural masks from head to toe? 

Without leaving the comfort of your home, turn your bathroom into a spa retreat or invite a couple of your besties over for a mini spa day. Not only will your skin benefit from multi-masking, but also it saves time, money and is also a fun way to pamper yourself. So multi-mask away!

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
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