Natural Drink Review: Prometheus Springs Capsaicin-Spiced Elixirs

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Thanks to their active ingredient, capsaicin, chili peppers have many health benefits: pain relief, decongestion, immunity support and more. But biting into a spicy pepper isn’t the only way to derive the benefits of capsaicin. Natural beverage company Prometheus Springs has harnessed the power of capsaicin and bottled it into an array of spicy, health-enhancing, USDA-certified organic elixirs.

Prometheus Springs’ capsaicin-spiced elixirs are available in six spicy flavors: Pomegranate Black Pepper, Lemon Ginger, Lychee Wasabi, Spicy Pear, Citrus Cayenne and Mango Chili.

Prometheus Springs’ capsaicin-spiced elixirs aren’t for the faint of heart. Each of the company’s six flavors packs a powerful punch, and one tiny sip is enough to make the back of your throat burn. But for those who like it hot, Prometheus Springs’ elixirs will make a perfect treat that can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Serving the elixirs “on the rocks” can help tame their spice, while drinking them chilled offers a refreshing kick. For those under the weather, drinking the elixirs warm can help speed up recovery.

For extra enjoyment, try mixing Prometheus Springs’ capsaicin-spiced elixirs with your favorite libation. Visit Prometheus Springs’ Mixology page to find recipes for mixing the elixirs with beer, bourbon, gin, rum, vodka, tequila and other alcohols.

Available flavors:

Mango Chili
Citrus Cayenne 
Spicy Pear
Lemon Ginger
Pomegranate Black Pepper
Lychee Wasabi

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