Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent Spray (Video)

By Staff

Make Your Own Natural Bug-Repellent Spray (Video)

Keep the bugs at bay while avoiding the dangers of DEET by making your own natural bug-repellent spray.

By Jessica Kellner

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Find relief from bug bites with a homemade bug spray. Conventional bug-repellents are often filled with potentially harmful chemicals, most commonly DEET. Although the EPA says DEET is safe, there are a few dangers with DEET. Some studies have found DEET to be toxic in excessive doses, and a 2001 review of 17 cases of suspected DEET toxicity in children concluded that the chemical should be avoided on children’s skin. If the thought of slathering on a neurotoxin scares you, try this effective, natural bug-repellent spray made of plant essential oils. Essential plant oils such as lemongrass and citronella can help deter mosquitoes when applied often. This natural bug spray is easy to make and will help keep annoying mosquitoes away from you and your family. 

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