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Southwest Facial Scrub Recipe

Try this Southwest Facial Scrub recipe for a soothing, refreshing bath experience.

Southwest Facial Scrub Recipe

Blue cornmeal is an ancient food that also makes a rejuvenating full-body treatment. The Hopi Indians of New Mexico have used blue cornmeal for years to improve vitality and make their skin look more youthful. Mixing it with dried herbs, ground oatmeal and a mild soap enhances this age-old cleanser. If you cannot find blue cornmeal at your market, you may substitute white or yellow cornmeal for a different colored, but just as effective, scrub.

• 1/2 cup ground blue cornmeal
• 1/2 cup grated castile soap (or other mild bar soap)
• 1/4 cup oatmeal
• 1 teaspoon dried calendula flower petals
• 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves
• 1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

Place cornmeal and grated soap in a large bowl. Using a spice or coffee grinder, finely grind oatmeal and dried herbs. Add this mixture to cornmeal mixture and stir well. Pour into a clean, airtight container. To use: Apply as you would any cleanser, and massage all over. Rinse well and then moisturize your skin with a natural oil or rich body lotion. If you have very sensitive skin avoid using this cleanser on your face. Yield: 12 ounces.

Adapted with permission from Natural Beauty from the Garden: More than 200 Do-It-Yourself Beauty Recipes and Garden Ideas by Janice Cox.

Janice Cox is a longtime gardener and Herb Companion contributor.

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  • Published on Aug 1, 2006
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