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Body & Soul: Infusions Using Fresh Herbs

If you choose to use fresh herbs, you have a couple of additional steps. First, I recommend dry-wilting the herbs, allowing them to dry overnight so they are still fresh, but some of the excess water has evaporated. Then follow the same directions as above for solar or cooked infusions. Once you have strained the herbs from the oil, place the oil in a covered, clean and dry jar.

Place the jar in a dark, cool cupboard. Every week, check for brown “dirt”–actually moisture from the plant material–to appear near the bottom of the jar. If not decanted (poured off), it can make your oil go rancid. Decant the oil into a clean jar; discard the dirt. Repeat this process weekly until the dirt no longer appears.

Adapted with permission from Earth Mother Herbal (Fair Winds, 2002) by Shatoiya de la Tour.

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  • Published on Dec 26, 2008
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