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How to Boost your Skin’s Brightness with Vitamin C

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By Staff

Sponsored by Derma E

Vitamin C can be highly effective for helping to even and tone the skin, diminish the look of age, sun and dark spots and help to give skin an overall healthy, youthful glow. As one of the most potent nutrients in the world, Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables including oranges, papayas, broccoli, parsley, kiwi and more. If you have been looking for ways to naturally increase your skin’s brightness with Vitamin C, keep reading.

Internally consuming a Vitamin C rich diet can benefit your skin by helping to give your skin a natural glow. Adding more foods rich in Vitamin C and supplements in addition to drinking plenty of water can give your skin many of the brightening benefits of Vitamin C.


Combine With Exfoliates

Skin can receive optimal brightening benefits when Vitamin C is used in conjunction with alpha hydroxy acids or exfoliates to remove dead skin. As the aging process occurs, skin begins to shed at a slower pace. The skin that sheds within days as an infant can take close to a month or more to shed as an adult. Dead skin sitting on the skin’s surface can cause breakouts and skin to look dull and dehydrated. When skin is properly exfoliated with highly effective ingredients like dead sea salts, alpha hydroxy acids, and glycolic acids, it can become easier for Vitamin C to penetrate the skin cells, allowing for the skin to receive brightening and toning benefits.

Use Early in the Morning

Using your favorite Vitamin C serum and moisturizer earlier in the day can help receive the most benefits. When exposed to sunlight, Vitamin C can lose some of its potency. Allowing Vitamin C to fully absorb into the skin before exposing it to light can help to receive all of its brightening benefits.

Use Stabilized Vitamin C

Stabilized Vitamin C, also known as sodium ascorbyl phosphate, is one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C in terms of toning, evening, diminishing the look of dark spots, age spots and sun spots. Unlike other forms of Vitamin C, stabilized Vitamin C is less likely to oxidize when exposed to light.

When used properly in your skin care routine, Vitamin C can help to give skin a radiant, youthful, brighter-looking appearance. Be sure to get even more Vitamin C benefits by using products with stabilized Vitamin C.

  • Published on May 5, 2021
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