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Body & Soul: Beauty Treatments For Pregnant Mothers

<p>Every new parent deserves a little pampering, although it might seem like a low priority with a new baby to care for. But taking time out for yourself and your partner will do wonders for your health, relationship and mood–and everyone around you will benefit, including your new baby. If you’re still waiting for your new bundle to arrive, now’s the perfect time to give yourself the extra bit of attention you deserve. Here are a few easy, natural beauty treatments for your relaxation and pampering pleasure.</p>
<p>• <a href=””>Cocoa Butter Cream</a>
<br />
• <a href=””>Buttermilk Baby Bath</a>
<br />
• <a href=””>Lavender-Scented Dusting Powder</a>
<br />
• <a href=””>Honey Facial Mask</a>
<br />
• <a href=””>Peppermint Leg Gel</a>
<br />
• <a href=””>Cinnamon Massage Oil</a>
<h3>Natural Beauty Tips for New Parents</h3>
<p>Here are some simple, commonsense tips for looking and feeling your best during this exciting new phase of your life.</p>
<p>•?Get plenty of rest. Nap often if you’re not able to rest fully at night. When baby sleeps, you sleep.<br />
•?Drink plenty of water. To keep yourself hydrated, drink a large glass of water or herbal tea every time you feed your baby.<br />
•?Get plenty of exercise. Engaging in a simple exercise program, such as walking, three times a week will give you more energy. <br />
•?Eat a balanced diet.  A balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and calcium is essential, especially for mothers who breast-feed.<br />
•?Use sun protection whenever you go outdoors. Remember to protect your baby’s delicate skin as well.</p>
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<em>Janice Cox is the author of</em> Natural Beauty at Home <em>(Henry Holt, 2002), available on our Bookshelf, Page 58. For more information and recipes visit her at</em>
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<a href=””>www.herbcom</a></a>

  • Published on Aug 27, 2010
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