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Product of the Week: Red Bee Rossape Lip Balm

Summer’s dry heat can leave your lips begging for more moisture. To help hydrate a dry, chapped kisser, smooth on some lip balm from Red Bee‘s Rossape skincare collection. The lip balm’s main ingredients are beeswax and olive oil, which lock in moisture and protect your lips from sun and wind damage.

Essential oils provide the fragrance for the lip balm’s four delicious scents–strawberry, lavender, peppermint and lemon. Free of alcohol, paraffin wax, preservatives or animal products, Red Bee’s Rossape beauty line is a great natural option for your skin.  

Red Bee’s Rossape balm is fragrant at first, but then the smell fades. Its light texture helps it glide on easily, leaving a subtle sheen to your lips. Not too heavy or oily, it absorbs quickly and hydrates your chapped pucker.

Housed in a type one PETE tub, the packaging is easy to recycle when the balm is all gone. The only downside: Sticking your finger into the tub is messier than using lip balm in a tube. Try using the excess lip balm on your finger as a hand salve, massaging it into any dry areas for quick hydration. 

Red Bee’s Rossape Lip Balm comes in a 1 oz tub for $5. Red Bee also offers an array of artisan honey and beeswax candles. Order Red Bee products online for home delivery.

  • Published on Jul 13, 2010
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