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Natural Lip Balm: Addicted to Lip Balm: Organic Essence Eco-Tube Lip Balms

By Staff

Organic Essence has done it again! The same company that brought you shea butter in a compostable jar now offers five yummy lip balms in eco-tubes–biodegradable encasings that you can compost in your backyard–with 20 percent more balm than before. This is exciting for someone who is addicted to lip balm.

Organic Essence lips balms now come in eco-tubes with 20 percent more balm. Photo Courtesy Organic Essence.

The eco-tubes are cute. They remind me of push-pops. Another added benefit of this eco-tube is that you can get the very last bit of balm when the tube is running out–no wasting!

As always, Organic Essence eco-tubes are USDA Organic, with no preservatives, artificial colors or animal testing. And this time, no plastic container!

Flavors available are almond, grapefruit, mint, natural and vanilla. My favorite eco-tube is grapefruit, mostly because I have never had a balm in that flavor. Eco-tube balms cost $6.99 and are available at Organic Essence online.

  • Published on Mar 2, 2009
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