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Foot Lotion: Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother

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Multitasking at its best, sleeping with socks on over heavily moisturized feet makes taking care of tired tootsies an easy, overnight task. Back in the day, people raved about the wonders of Vaseline on your feet: Slather on globs of this petroleum byproduct, slip on some socks and sleep. In the morning, feet are smooth…but obnoxiously oily, too.

People, there’s a better way to achieve this without the use of petroleum jelly, which just sits on top of your skin and forms a barrier and is never actually absorbed into your dry, tired feet. 

Try slathering on some Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother. It has the same oily feel as Vaseline, but is loaded with the good stuff: olive oil, beeswax and herbs. It comes in unscented (which, honestly, does have a slight scent — I’m thinking it’s the olive oil) and lavender (again, I gave this one to Allison because I’m not a fan of lavender). 

Unlike petroleum jelly, the skin absorbs this balm and quenches your skin’s thirst. If your elbows and knees are brutally dry, slap some on there, too, but be prepared to really rub it in. This stuff is thick and powerful, and a little goes a long way for a $14 tub.

I highly recommend Emily. If you have extremely dry skin naturally (unlike me and my oily self), Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother may just be your holy grail. Or do you already have one? What is your favorite foot cream?

  • Published on Jun 20, 2008
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