9 Uses for Witch Hazel

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Witch hazel extract is especially beneficial for minor skin irritations.
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Witch hazel is an effective treatment for acne, insect bites, blisters and sunburn.

Witch hazel extract is especially beneficial for minor skin irritations. Discover nine ways to take advantage of this botanical wonder. For more on witch hazel, read the original article, What Is Witch Hazel?

9 Uses for Witch Hazel at Home

1. Acne: Witch hazel is an astringent that can remove dirt and oil without drying skin. Treat blemishes with a cotton pad soaked in a witch hazel solution.

2. Blisters: Dry blisters by applying a gauze pad soaked in witch hazel, then covering with an adhesive bandage. 

3. Insect bites: Relieve itching and swelling from bug bites with witch hazel. Apply a cotton pad soaked in the extract to the affected area. 

4. Minor cuts: Also known as “nature’s Neosporin,” witch hazel is a natural antibacterial that will help treat minor wounds. Apply witch hazel extract directly to the affected area with a cotton pad or washcloth.  

5. Deodorant: Pour witch hazel onto a cotton pad and dab under arms, letting it dry before dressing. For a scented solution, mix 3 tablespoons vodka with an essential oil blend (try 6 drops lavender, 8 drops cypress and 4 drops neroli) in a spray bottle and shake. Add 1⁄2 cup witch hazel and 1⁄4 cup rosewater; use daily. 

6. Psoriasis: In Germany, witch hazel is a mainstream psoriasis treatment, and research proves its effects. Apply witch hazel cream to relieve this troublesome skin condition, as well as eczema and dermatitis. Note: Be sure to check with your health-care provider before altering any psoriasis treatment.

7. Sunburns: This anti-inflammatory can provide temporary sunburn relief, as well as help prevent skin from flaking. Gently apply a washcloth soaked in witch hazel extract or cream to burned skin.

8. Puffy eyes: Witch hazel can help tighten and refresh skin. Lay cotton balls doused in witch hazel on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes.

9. Toner: The tannins in witch hazel help it tone skin and tighten pores, leaving skin cooled and refreshed. To make a toner, combine equal parts distilled water and witch hazel, along with a few drops of tea tree oil (for its antimicrobial properties).

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