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8 Natural Personal-Care Products

Caring for oneself is important—of course it is! It’s amazing sometimes just how often we need to hear that treating ourselves well should be a priority. Taking time to move our bodies, prepare nutritious meals, exalt in nature: It can feel indulgent, but it’s incredibly important to nurture our minds, bodies and souls. Pamper yourself properly with these natural personal-care products and services.

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1. Lip Smoother

Reach for Eco Lips One World Revive hydrating lip balm to chase away a chapped kisser. It has a delightful mint flavor, thanks to the peppermint oil, and chia seed oil is supermoisturizing. The biodegradable, compostable, FSC-certified packaging is just another bonus. $6, Eco Lips

2. Take Your Vitamins

For a brighter, smoother complexion, try this vitamin C serum from Mad Hippie. It has the added benefits of clary sage, aloe leaf and chamomile. $34, Mad Hippie

3. The Eyes Have It

Indulge the delicate skin around your eyes with this Luminous Lemon & Lavender Eye Brightening Cream from Wild Carrot Herbals. It also has shea butter, coconut oil and elder flower-infused extravirgin olive oil. $14, Wild Carrot Herbals

4. Wash Up

On the lookout for an all-natural skin-care option? Herbal Choice Mari’s organic facial wash has you covered. Try this soothing blend of aloe juice, castile soap and jojoba oil, complete with lavender, sweet orange and geranium essential oils. $28, Herbal Choice Mari

5. Tone Time

Reach for this gentle Everclen toner, developed to be hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic for sensitive skin. It boasts skin-soothing lavender and green tea extracts, plus aloe leaf juice. $15, Everclen

6. Don’t Dry Out

Moisturize like you mean it with Aura Cacia’s SoothingTamanu Facial Oil. It only takes a bit of this potent blend of tamanu and jojoba oils with lavender and tea tree essential oils to chase away flakiness. $20, Aura Cacia

7. About Face

Face acne head-on with this acne serum from Suki. Its blemish-fighting power comes from echinacea, goldenseal and the salicylic acid in white willow. $51, Suki

8. Errand Eraser

If you are tired of running out for that crucial item—toilet paper, dish soap and the like—or have trouble finding sustainable options for household essentials, take advantage of ePantry. When you sign up for the subscription service, you can schedule delivery of sustainable home basics at a great price—no latenight run to the store required! Prices vary; ePantry

  • Published on Jun 24, 2014
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