Self Care Tips for Your Surroundings

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Summer is the usual time for picnics, but you can certainly plan one during spring or fall.
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“Little Book of Self-Care” by Adams Media provides quick simple ways to quite the noise around you and reduce everyday stresses.

Self-care is an essential part of wellness. From self-massage to meditations to decluttering,The Little Book of Self-Care(Adams Media, 2017) reconnects you with your body, mind, spirit, and surroundings to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world. Adams Media provides 100 relaxation exercises to help you focus on your own personal needs in an enjoyable way. By caring for yourself, you’ll learn how to care for the world around you. The following excerpt is from the “Surroundings” section.

Go on a Picnic

When’s the last time your family went on a picnic? If you can’t remember, or if the answer is “never,” then you’re missing out on a wonderful experience that can bring everyone together. Summer is the usual time for picnics, but you can certainly plan one during spring or fall if you keep an eye on the weather report and make sure everyone dresses appropriately.

To plan the perfect picnic:

• Involve everyone in the family from the start. Choose a date, then a location.

• Get everyone’s input on the menu. You can stick with traditional favorites or indulge your adventurous side and try something new.

• You’ll need a basket for the nonperishable items and a cooler for your drinks and for perishable foods.

• Finally, create the guest list.

Volunteer at a Nursing Home

There are many ways to volunteer your time at a nursing home. You can work for the activities department and play games like bingo or charades with the residents. You can show movies once a week and bring popcorn. You can paint nails or wash hair. Some residents might just need some company, someone to talk to. Many volunteers find it very rewarding to spend time with the elderly. Find out how you can help today. Even if it’s just dropping off some cookies or donating large-print books, give your time and care when you can.

Create a Relaxation Room

Everyone needs a room in their house or apartment where they can just get away. This room isn’t like your living room or bedroom; its specific purpose is for you to reflect or meditate, gather your thoughts, or just breathe. The most important aspect of the room is the ambiance. Use only candlelight, play some soft music, and burn incense if you like the smell of it. Paint the walls a soft color, like lavender or sea green. Use comfortable furniture like a papasan chair or even beanbags to sit in. Overstuffed pillows and soft blankets will make nice accents. Keep a journal or other creative materials there in case you feel inspired. If you live with another person or your family, you need your own personal space. Creating a relaxation room is the best way to have a space that’s just for you.

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Excerpted fromThe Little Book of Self-Care: 200 Ways to Refresh, Restore, and Rejuvenateby Adams Media. Copyright © 2017 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. 

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