Natural Aphrodisiacs You Wouldn’t Expect

Learn how celery root, wild orchids and pepper were once used as natural aphrodisiacs.

| June 2013

  • Celery Root
    Celery root is used in making witches’ ointments and love potions, aphrodisiacal incense, erotic meals and stimulants.
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  • Natural Aphrodisiacs
    Learn about more than 500 natural aphrodisiacs in “The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs.”
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  • Pepper
    Pepper is everything that makes life sharp—in the kitchen and the bedroom.
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  • Wild Orchids
    Wild orchids are known as exotic cultures and ornamental plants, and are treasured collectibles.
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  • Celery Root
  • Natural Aphrodisiacs
  • Pepper
  • Wild Orchids

Numerous plants and substances are said to stimulate and enhance love and passion—we call them aphrodisiacs. The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs (Healing Arts Press, 2003) examines the history and pharmacology of more than 500 stimulating substances from ancient history to present day. Authors Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling provide detailed examples of individual, medicinal and ritual uses through personal accounts and extensive research. In this excerpt, learn about the use of celery root, wild orchids and pepper as natural aphrodisiacs.

Celery Root: Natural Aphrodisiacs

Apium graveolens L., Umbelliferae (Carrot Family), also Apiaceae (Parsley Family)

As a spice and vegetable, celery is absent from no home cooking, but celery seeds and roots are recognized as natural aphrodisiacs worldwide, and mentioned in virtually all relevant publications. They are used in making witches’ ointments and love potions, aphrodisiacal incense, erotic meals, and stimulants.* The essential oil in the seeds and roots is stimulating, and a meal of celery strengthens the body and prepares it for erotic adventures. The authors of the book Liebeskochtopf (Love’s Cooking Pot) have provided a concise rationalization for the stimulating effects of many natural aphrodisiacs: “There is no shame in doing something for bodily regeneration. If we were to reject the idea of regenerating ourselves, then we would have to completely renounce food and drink.”

*Without stating the source, Reger lists a recipe made with heated radish juice and honey that is smeared on the penis so that the husband knows how to make love to his wife and doesn’t have to guess.

Popular Beliefs About Celery

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