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Saying “Yes”

As the New Year begins, let’s not scold ourselves for the past resolutions we let slip. Instead, let’s congratulate ourselves for the positive new experiences to which we said “yes.” Perhaps you started growing basil indoors and have found daily pleasure in sprinkling the fresh leaves on your omelet. Or, perhaps after the election you discovered your long-buried political voice and have since written letters to senators and placed phone calls to Congress. Maybe you finally signed up for the community art class that’s been catching your eye, and as a result have rekindled a childhood love of painting. No matter how big or small your new experiences have been, saying “yes” to events that spark your curiosity and childlike wonder are worthy of celebration.

In 2017, I said “yes” to learning how to transform my homegrown herbs into steam-distilled hydrosols using a copper still. I was intimidated by the unfamiliar process and the many trips to the hardware store, but when I pressed my hands on the warm copper during the first distillation and smelled the first aromatic burst of steam, the months of preparation and research were well worth it. In the months since, I’ve deepened my connection with the medicinal plants in my garden, and I’ve relished sharing little bottles of homemade rose water with friends and family.

I also said “yes” to committing myself to the slow and tedious process of uncovering the cause of my recurrent headaches and fatigue — symptoms that seem to plague more and more modern women. I have found that my body doesn’t respond well to processed meats and red wine, which sadly means saying goodbye to my beloved charcuterie plates. Through this tiresome journey, I’ve learned that having the dedication to say “no” can create more space in our lives for the “yeses” that nourish us best.

Most recently, I said “yes” to the position of Editor-in-Chief for this title, a publication I’ve read and respected for years. When the position became available, I was serving on the editorial staff for Mother Earth News and Heirloom Gardener while studying plant medicine in my spare time; I couldn’t be more excited about this “yes.”

What positive new experiences will you say “yes” to in 2018? Send me your courageous ideas and uplifting plans at, and we just may find space for them in the next issue.

3 things I love in the January/February 2018 issue:

1. The list of 16 newly released heirlooms, especially the ‘Jebousek’ lettuce.

2. The Minestrone with Farro and Chia Pesto soup recipe; I’m a sucker for hearty soups.

3. The 4-week plan for repairing worn-out adrenal and thyroid glands; sign me up!

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
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