5 Ways to Be Happier at Home

Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home,” shares five ways for being happier at home in your daily life.

| January/February 2013

  • Improve your happiness at home with these five tips.
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The author of New York Times best sellers The Happiness Project and Happier At Home, Gretchen Rubin test-drives studies and theories about how to be happier, and writes about her experiences in her books and on her website, happiness-project.com. Here are five of her tips for being happier in your daily life. To buy her books, check out the Mother Earth Living store.

1. Get enough sleep. Gain energy and feel calm by going to bed early enough for a full night’s sleep (seven to nine hours for adults). Start with your wake-up time and count backward to find your bedtime. It seems simple, but this exercise can help us honor our bedtimes.

2. Embrace good smells. “No cost, no calories, no energy, no time—a quick hit of pleasure,” Rubin says.

3. Accept yourself, and expect more from yourself. Don’t waste time wishing you were different. You are who you are! But do work on being the best “you” possible.

4. Give warm greetings and farewells. “I was surprised by how much this resolution changed the atmosphere of my home,” Rubin says.

5. Remember this truth: The only person you can change is yourself. Avoid power struggles at home by realizing you can work on your own outlook, but you cannot change others.

Marta Weeks
2/2/2013 5:46:41 AM

At first, when we moved to our home in the country I felt isolated. Now I am starting to love the serenity so much that I'm isolating. The other day, in writing a note to the God of my understanding (female/male) I realized that I needed to venture into our community and make a few friends. I don't care to be involved with a lot of people and doing a lot of things for the sake of doing, but I would enjoy a couple of friends, and not necessarily have to have a lot in common with them since that "in common" can become competitive.

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