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Desk Yoga: Chair Eagle Pose (Video)

By Staff

Desk Yoga: Chair Eagle Pose (Video)

Use this modified yoga pose to stretch your shoulders and upper back, a place where many people tend to hold stress.

By Jessica Kellner

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Sitting at a desk all day can harm our posture, and in turn, our health. Join Jessica Kellner, the Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living magazine, for a few minutes of rest and relaxation as she guides you through a new, office-friendly yoga stretch.

Typically, this yoga stretch, known as an eagle pose, is done standing up and it involves using your legs. But, in keeping with our Desk Yoga series, we have modified this pose for the office by using just the arms. Following along, you should feel a fairly intense stretch right under your shoulder blades. Hold this pose for five deep, relaxing breaths, then repeat in the opposite direction. When you are coming out of this pose, make sure to do so slowly. If this is a tight area for you, there might be some slight pain. This is a really good stretch for relieving stress from the shoulders and upper back. Practice regularly to offset the slouching effect that can happen when typing at a desk all day.

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  • Published on Oct 16, 2015
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