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Clearing clutter and ridding ourselves of excess can almost instantly energize and calm us.

In this age of materialism, it’s difficult not to accumulate clutter. Whether a home is full of nostalgic knickknacks, children’s toys or simply more useful items than a household really needs, it’s likely that we all have too much of something. Besides making possessions hard to find and taking up precious space, clutter can actually have an impact on our thought processes and emotions. An abundance of clutter affects our brain’s ability to concentrate and think creatively; there’s just too much to take in. Our overloaded senses make us feel stressed, guilty, tired and overwhelmed.

On the other hand, clearing that clutter can almost instantly revive our minds once again. Even the accomplishment of starting small — with one room, one closet, one purse — energizes us by making a space calmer and more inviting. With less clutter, daily tasks become more efficient; how much simpler things become when everything you need is in the proper place! With less stress on your mind, you may sleep better than before. Plus, the act of clearing clutter freshens a room, removing dust particles and toxins from belongings and improving overall wellness.

So, knowing this, how do we choose what to lose? Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you consider emptying out the back of that closet:

1. Is the item in question used on a regular basis? Or is it simply an appealing possession that hasn’t been touched in years?

2. If it was lost or destroyed, would you replace it?

3. Is there someone who could make better use of something you rarely use?

4. Does it bring you joy? Or are you making excuses as to why you might miss it?

To help ease the fear that you’re losing something of value, give with gratitude and feel thankful that you can offer spare possessions to others in need.

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