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Benefits of Sea Buckthorn: The Miracle Berry

By Staff

What is Sea Buckthorn oil?

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the thorny berry shrub, sea buckthorn. It is disseminated in different areas of coastal and mountain of Europe and Asia. The seed or pulp from the fruit is naturally extracted to produce the oil. There are two types of Sea Buckthorn oil – Seed oil: which has pale orange or yellow color, it is less viscous and extracted from small dark seeds; Fruit oil: which is red-orange, more viscous and extracted from the pulp of the fruit. Both of these oil extracts have almost same characteristics regarding their effects. It is also found that there are benefits of sea buckthorn oil. Also, these are difficult to identify and to differentiate from each other.

Uses of Sea Buckthorn oil

  • It is used in the skin

Sea Buckthorn oil is commonly used as an ingredient in anti-aging treatment products. It can be used in high concentration or even in less concentration. However, one should first determine if the oil applies to them. Some people might have an allergic reaction to this substance.

  • It is used to treat ulcers

Mouth ulcer and the peptic ulcer can be treated by Sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn is slightly alkaline. It can counteract the reaction of acids. An ulcer can be treated because of the high bioavailability of the oil extract that contains vitamins to help subside the ulcer. It can also be used as an immediate remedy for heartburn and acid reflux as it neutralizes the reaction of acid. It is also effective in helping to improve the function of the stomach for better digestion. It is also found to be the effective improving memory.

  • It can be used for asthma

It can relieve the symptoms of asthma. During asthma, the bronchioles of the affected person constrict making them hard to breathe. Sea buckthorn oil extract helps in dilating the bronchiole that frees the victim’s breathing.

  • It can be used for minor wounds

This oil extract can fasten the healing of a wound such as scratches, abrasion, cuts, and scrapes. It helps in epithelialization of the skin that covers up the wound. This will also prevent scarring eventually. This is best applied after anti-septic to make sure that the wound is cleansed before application.

  • It is used to expel a cough

Sticky phlegm when having a cough is truly making a struggle. With the oil extract, you can easily expel your cough. It smoothens the throat. The phlegm can be easily induced because of its ease to go out the throat. This can also bring relief to the nasal congestion. It was also found out that it is effective in removing the neck and chest wrinkles.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn oil

Researchers have proven the promising effect of sea buckthorn oil extract. It undergoes the various test and clinical trials. Sea buckthorn has been widely used as a treatment and as a supplemental to a medicine formulation as well. This oil extract has the following health benefits:

  • Helps with balanced diet and weight loss

Fatty acids present in sea buckthorn oil are said to be against weight gain. Aside from it makes a good digestion, it also helps to avoid storing fats. Sea buckthorn oil contains the abundant amount of omega 3 that has the various good effect to the body. It is also the one that triggers the weight loss capability of this oil extract.

  • Improves skin

This oil extract improves skin structure. It provides more elasticity and hydration to the skin. It also helps in epithelialization of the screen that allows it to regenerate the skin. It prevents scarring after the wound heals. This also shows the best result as an acne treatment.

  • Improves memory

Omega-3 has actively worked well for the brain cells. It stimulates more active brain cells making you alert and attentive. This oil extract has been proven to develop memory abilities.

Also, other nutrients integrated into the oil extract nourish the brain. It becomes healthy and invulnerable to any damage. It also helps to replenish the cells. The messaging signals in the brain will also be stimulated.

Too much stress mostly affects the brain. This oil also removes the oxidative stress that affects the brain as well as the neurons. This will result from the brain to relax and to be efficient in memorization.

  • Good metabolism

It stimulates the digestive system to work properly. Food metabolism can be as good as it can be. You can avoid having constipation. Also, this feature is included in losing weight. As the food is easily digested and turn down, all of it will be absorbed by the body. On the body, if it does not work well, it will just be stored in the body as fats.

  • Remove wrinkles

Sea buckthorn has an abundant amount of vitamin C and E. This vitamin smoothens the wrinkles. Along with the benefit of improving the skin, it also removes prominent wrinkles. The skin becomes more elastic and soft.

It also has an anti-aging effect. It consists of different nutrient that helps to this property. This promotes a rapid cellular regeneration that will make you look younger. When it is used in a daily basis, you will see the result in as fast as 4 weeks. This oil will strengthen your skin and restores it.

It also has an anti-oxidant property. Wrinkles are sometimes caused by the toxic substance. These toxic substances destroy the structures of the skin’s layers. As the structures are being compromised, the skin will change its properties. It will be rigid and wrinkled.

It prevents exfoliation of the skin. It provides hydration and elasticity. The oil extract will flow to the vessels going to the skin layer. Eventually, as the skin is being restored to its natural structure, wrinkles will now disappear.

Always remember that it should be orally taken. It cannot be used as a topical solution. It will be useless or might cause allergic reaction and irritation. Some mistakenly used it as a topical solution that is why the results are not effective.

  • Relief for a dry eye

Dry eye syndrome is commonly experienced by adults. This irritates the eye and subsequently leads to redness and tired eyes. Sea buckthorn oil extract has effectively solved this problem. The oil extract adds lubrication to the eye naturally. This has to be taken up orally and not to be applied directly.

How does Sea Buckthorn oil works?

Sea buckthorn oil should be used on a daily basis. It also must be taken up orally no matter what purpose do you use it. The body must regulate it and circulate all throughout the body.

Is sea Buckthorn oil good for your skin?

This oil extract has been proven effective to improve the skin. It is very good to the skin. Its components especially vitamins will enhance, replenish and restores your skin. Aside from it is used against ache, it can also be used against wrinkles and as an anti-aging treatment agent.

Is Sea Buckthorn oil safe?

It is so safe to use. It is not just clinically proven. It is all natural and organic. You cannot get side effects with its proper usage. Just make sure that you use it daily for a better result. The amount of dosage must be correct, not less and not too much.

Can we add Sea Buckthorn oil in food?

Yes, as this is a domestic fruit, so it is not easily found, so one can use its oil for making healthy recipes using it, check out the best recipes like a chef on the warm chef.


Sea buckthorn oil has already shown promising results. The researcher must continue to develop and discover what this miracle berry can do more. The society will benefit from it wide use and application.


  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
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