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Lower Your Eco-Handicap: Green Golfing Tips

When you’re on the greens, are your own actions green? Here are some tee-off tips from Earth Share:

• Patronize courses that are environmentally friendly.

• Walk the course instead of driving a golf cart. If you do use one, stay on the designated path.

• Urge your golf course to use electric-powered carts to reduce air and noise pollution.

• Recycle glass, aluminum, or plastic containers; help organize a golfers’ recycling program.

• Respect the course’s environmentally sensitive areas.

• Recognize golf courses are managed land areas that should complement the natural environment.

• Accept the natural limitations and variations of turf grass (brown patches, thinning, loss of color).

• Be willing to play on brown grass during periods of low rainfall.

• Initiate and support your golf course’s conservation and habitat protection plans.

• Encourage maintenance that promotes long-range turf health (aeration, reduced fertilization, limited play on sensitive turf,reduced watering).

• Commit to long-range conservation efforts (efficient water use,integrated pest management)on the golf course and at home.

• Take pride in environmentally sensitive courses.

For more eco-friendly tips, visit or call (800) 875-3863.

  • Published on Jul 1, 2005
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