Meatless Monday Recipe: Faux Burger King Chicken Sandwich

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I’ve resisted writing about Quorn products for a few weeks, because I try to mainly eat (and write about) whole foods. But sometimes you need convenience foods, and you don’t want to completely bust your healthy diet. My favorite category of frozen convenience foods comes from Quorn (no, they didn’t pay me to write this!), a line of soy-free, vegetarian, DELICIOUS frozen products made from mushroom mycelium, a good source of protein and fiber. So far, I’ve liked every Quorn product I’ve tried (and more important, so has my husband, who isn’t quite as much of a vegetarian food-lover as me). We made vegetarian chili for our Halloween party a few weeks ago with the vegetarian crumbles and it got rave reviews from meat-enthusiasts and vegetarians alike (a meat-eating friend said it was the best veggie chili she’s ever had). We bought the meatballs with trepidation, but they, too, were delicious!

But my favorite way to eat any Quorn product indulges another junk-food craving I try to avoid: Burger King original chicken sandwiches. It’s probably been about five years (maybe more?) since I’ve actually had one of these, but sometimes I still feel the urge. So, I make a much better-for-you version with Quorn’s Gruyere Chik’n Cutlet. I put one cutlet in the toaster oven until it’s nice and crispy, toast a whole-wheat bun, add olive oil mayo and field greens and voila! a much healthier version of my junk food desire. Plus, it’s meat-free and not made of overprocessed soy like so many vegetarian foods. Like I said, Quorn frozen foods probably aren’t as good for us as foods made fresh with whole ingredients, but they’re a delicious, reasonably healthy way to eat quick convenience foods without destroying your diet. (They also have faux chicken nuggets, which I have not tried but might be good for picky little ones.)  I highly recommend!

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