In The News: Thyme Tincture May Treat Acne Better Than Most Medications

Reader Contribution by Justine Patton
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The solution to all of your acne problems might be hiding in the produce section of your local grocery story. At least that’s what the newest study coming from the Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. suggests.

The researchers created tinctures by steeping thyme, marigold and myrrh in alcohol. Then, they tested them on the bacteria known to cause acne. While all of the plants had an antibacterial effect, thyme was the most potent. What’s more, when compared with the standard concentrations of benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient common in many popular acne medications, thyme once again came out on top.

A thyme tincture may solve all of your acne problems for good.
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The researchers believe this discovery could lead to new, more effective acne treatments in the future that are free from the burning sensation and skin irritation commonly associated with benzoyl peroxide. However, some dermatologists are warning that more research is needed to examine the side effects and efficacy of using thyme tinctures on the skin. In other words, don’t try it at home just yet. Instead, use trusted remedies such as tea tree oil, or go to your local pharmacy for over-the-counter medications. If those don’t do the trick, visit a dermatologist for a treatment plan catered to your skin type.

While we wait patiently for this new herbal weapon against acne, we can still enjoy thyme in countless other ways. Its earthy, savory flavors make a great addition to many dishes, including pasta, meat, eggs, soups and cheese. For some of our favorite recipes with thyme, click here.

This calming herb is also great in many body care recipes. Check out the recipe for our “Defunk Rinse,” which will alleviate an itchy scalp.

For tips on growing thyme in your backyard garden, check out our article “Reader Gardening Advice: Growing Thyme.”

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