In The News: Magnolia Bark Extract Approved for Fighting Bad Breath

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Wrigley, a giant in the world of chewing gum, has been given the go ahead to use magnolia bark extract in future bad breathing-fighting products, like chewing gum and mint confectionery products.

The news came on Monday, when the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced that the extract was okay to use. Wrigley submitted an application in 2009, requesting the extract be evaluated for its safety for consumption by EU consumers.

This isn’t Wrigley’s first involvement with the extract, which comes from the bark of the plant Magnolia officinalis. In 2007, researchers from the company examined the compounds inside the extract for their bacteria-eliminating qualities. Their findings were encouraging. In the lab tests, the magnolia bark extract killed almost all of the oral bacteria it came into contact with, confirming it was useful in killing bad breath.

The bark of this tree may contain the solution to all of your bad breath woes.
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Magnolia bark extract has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. According to Natural News, it was once used to treat low energy, stress, anxiety and depression. It may even promote heart health.

However, Wrigley will not be able to cite any of these medicinal benefits in its advertisements. It will only be allowed to promote the extract’s combative powers against bad breath. Wrigley is not revealing their plans for any future products containing the extract.

In the United States, magnolia bark extract has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status. Gum and mints containing magnolia bark extract have been allowed to be marketed since June 2008.

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