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Reader Contribution by Samantha Collins
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American herbalist Heather Nic had just met Japanese herbalist Yumi Mitsuta Yayakuba via Facebook a few days before the earthquake and tsunami hit the country. Yumi survived and was able to document the progression of rescue teams arriving from all around the world. Once Yumi learned that her family also survived the disaster, she knew she wanted to be more than a victim. She wanted to help.

Yumi began to volunteer in areas that were hit the hardest by the natural disaster. She tried to help heal others through herbal remedies, but she eventually ran out of supplies. This is where Heather came in to help with the effort. Together, they formed an organization called Herbs for Japan. Its mission is to provide herbal supplements and healing supplies to Japan’s victims in the hard-hit Miyagi Prefecture region, which is in west-central Japan. On the Herbs for Japan’s Facebook page, Yumi said she would like to focus of supplying supplements to pregnant women, and children.

Donate herbal supplements to help the relief effort in Japan.
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Their wish list includes: new, unopened supplements; high-antioxidant fruit snacks, such as dried blueberries; essential oils; dry herbs; tinctures; teas; and essential oil wipes. Yumi also asks for supplements that provide relief from stress and post-traumatic syndrome.

Donations can be sent to:

Silvervine Co., LTD. / Yumi Mitsuta Yayakuba
ADDRESS 3-25-10 Minamishinozaki Edogawa 133-0065 Tokyo Japan

I urge all herbalists to donate to this organization. Whether you donate supplements, food, or even money, the smallest amount can drastically help. You can ‘like’ Herbs for Japan’s Facebook page to receive more information about the movement to supply Japan with natural supplements for people in need.

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