The Importance of Organic Sunscreen

Reader Contribution by Seleyn Deyarus
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Fun in the sun is a big part of what makes summertime so special. Our lives become more seamless with the outdoors as we enjoy picnics, boating, pool time and summer grilling. From bike rides to gardening, summer is a time to get outside and activate. But with the enjoyment of fun in the sun comes the responsibility of caring for and protecting our skin from too much exposure.

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You may wonder how best to do this as you’ve probably heard that the chemicals used in sunscreens are harmful. Thankfully, we have innovating entrepreneurs and product safety ratings from Skin Deep, a program of the Environmental Working Group. Perusing this site is immensely informative and well worth the time. You can search for specific products, or scan a category and learn something new. (If you do visit Skin Deep and find helpful information, please consider a modest donation to the EWG in support of their ongoing research!)

Maybe you’ve visited Skin Deep and you’re still not sure what product is best for you and your family. I live in Boulder, Colorado, which is literally a mile high. At this altitude, protection from harmful UV rays is very important. I got serious after I had a Basel cell carcinoma, a localized and non-life threatening form of skin cancer, more than 18 years ago. Ever since, protecting my skin has been a high priority. Without wanting to be too heavy, I will go ahead and mention that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the USA.  Thus, our treasured fun in the sun is made even better when our skin is cared for properly.

I have the good fortune of working in the natural and organic products industry, and have built some great relationships with fellow entrepreneurs who are creating wonderful products. One such entrepreneur is Nova Covington, founder of Goddess Garden Organics. Goddess Garden makes organic sunscreen, and in the five years we have been doing business with them, Nova and her team continue to innovate and improve upon their sunscreen products. I like knowing who is behind a product as well as knowing the motivation. Nova started her company in response to her first child’s sensitivity to chemicals in body-care products. Like many intrepid entrepreneurs, she was responding to a personal need, and from that a company was born.

We each have the opportunity to learn more about the people behind the products, as well as the company that makes them. On our website,, we offer little bursts of insight into the stories behind the brands on our product pages. Trusting in a product is important, especially when it comes to our long-term health and well-being.

In honor of the topic of this blog, America’s Best Organics created a special gift for summertime featuring sunscreen from Goddess Garden Organics, a reusable 100 percent organic cotton snack bag from Eco-Ditty, and other treats in our Fun in the Sun Organic Gift Basket. This gift-basket-in-a-box makes a great thank you or send-off for a vacation for family and friends, or a gift for you!


I hope you’ll take a peek at Skin Deep and look into Goddess Garden Organics, plus other great brands that are doing their utmost to bring healthy alternatives to mass-produced sunscreen products that often miss the mark in providing a product without harmful chemicals. Here’s to lovingly protecting our precious skin!

Seleyn DeYarus is a long-time advocate of the positive impact of healthy lifestyles on people and the environment. Based in Boulder, Colorado, she is majority owner and CEO of Best Organics, Inc., an organic and sustainable brands promotion company and provider of America’s Best Organics gourmet gift basket collections. Learn more about Seleyn and find your next best gift at

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