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Zephyr’s Next Generation Europa Collection Includes Quieter, More Energy-Efficient Range Hoods

Zephyr has modernized their industry-leading collection of range hoods with a proprietary DCBL Suppression System that includes: direct current brushless motors, Bloom HD LED bulbs and a sophisticated, onboard computer system. The DCBL technology package has been engineered into Zephyr’s original Europa line, resulting in the Next Generation Europa Collection, which delivers the most energy efficient, ultra-quiet and high-performing range hoods available today. 

“Next Generation Europa raises the bar that we ourselves set more than a decade ago,” said Arcadio Lainez, Director of Marketing at Zephyr. “While the market is rushing to produce lower-priced range hoods with even fewer features, Zephyr engineers have been moving forward — pioneering new technology that dramatically increases performance and saves energy, all without ceding ground to price. With DCBL, we’re rising above industry pressures by bringing to market technology and innovation that is truly relevant.” 

Unlike traditional range hoods that operate on alternating current (AC) motors, Zephyr’s Next Generation Europa Collection utilizes direct current (DC) electricity. DC brushless motors generate more torque yet operate at lower RPMs — allowing greater air movement and virtually eliminating noise. With DCBL technology, homeowners can now enjoy an ultra-quiet range hood that moves air at working speed levels; a speed that best matches their typical, everyday cooking style. 

“Our patented DCBL Suppression System not only increases the hood’s performance, but actually allows the appliance to be up to 80 percent more energy efficient,” continued Lainez. “And the energy efficiency is augmented by our 25,000-hourlifetime, dimmable LED bulbs. In partnership with professional camera lens designers, we’ve created cool to the touch, halogen-like diodes that evenly distribute light onto the cooking surface below.” 

Zephyr’s Next Generation Europa Collection with patented DCBL Suppression System will be available on three island- mount models and four wall-mount models, starting May 17, 2011, through select distributor partners. 


Zephyr’s pioneering direct current, brushless motor – the industry’s first – utilizes a much cleaner and more stable DC energy source to cause less wear and tear on the range hood’s motor. Additionally, Zephyr’s DC motor generates more torque while operating at lower RPMs — enabling greater air movement and virtually eliminating noise. Homeowners can now enjoy an ultra-quiet range hood that moves air at working speed levels; a speed that best matches their typical, everyday cooking styles. 


Finally, a cool-to-the-touch, dimmable LED that emits a warm, evenly distributed white light; the result – an unmatched cook top visibility and a temperate and comfortable chef’s space. Bloom HD LED bulbs – also an industry first – differ from traditional LED bulbs in that their pure white and yellow rendering eliminates the unsightly “blue” light that plagues traditional LED bulbs. Plus, the unique dimmable feature allows homeowners to customize the look of their lighting and in turn, the mood of their kitchen. 


A range hood’s CFM levels are determined by the wattage applied to the motor. All Next Generation Europa range hoods with DCBL Suppression System use a closed loop circuit in the on-board computer that allows Zephyr to precisely control the wattage applied at each speed level. This allows Zephyr to keep the range hood performance fully optimized and helps limit the effect of increased static pressure resulting from out-of-scope duct runs.

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  • Published on Aug 16, 2011
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