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SIGG Unveils 2012 Collection of Water Bottles

Praised for being equal parts function and fashion, the heritage brand SIGG Switzerland is proud to present the new 2012 Collection. A global company with a sharp focus on innovation and durability, SIGG’s 2012 line showcases new bottle styles and over 130 eyecatching designs that will inspire you to tote your bottle everywhere. The creative reach of the line covers a wide spectrum guaranteeing there is a bottle for every age, lifestyle and personality. 

Maintaining impeccable Swiss craftsmanship, each sub-category within the 2102 Collection delivers exceptional reusable bottles that are built to last and carry the trademark of over a century of excellence.

The categories include: 

  • The SIGG Design Collection
  • The SIGG Kids Collection
  • The SIGG Active Collection
  • The SIGG Classic Collection

The Design collection boasts contemporary graphics with dynamic fashion themes as well as sublime carefree motifs. Every year SIGG collaborates with a celebrated artist and for 2012 James Rizzi took the reins. Highlights include the trendy “Leo” bottle in a leopard print, the whimsical “Magic Garden” in calming yellow and the “Peace and Harmony” bottle that is flirty and feminine. And not to worry, the men have not been forgotten. A variety of edgy designs such as “Camo Desert,” “Tribal Head,” and “Grizzly” round out the collection and keep the style conscious man feeling hydrated and masculine.

The Kids collection offers countless colorful and creative designs that will enchant your little ones while keeping them excited about hydration. The Kids collection is offered in two distinct sizes to conveniently fit into the small hands of children: the 0.3L and the 0.4L bottle. Iconic childhood favorites such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Hello Kitty grace the exteriors of multiple bottles. Alternatively, beloved animals such as “Dolphin & Co.,” “Smiling Bee,” and “Teddy & Co.” make appearances in the collection while “Pirates Treasure” and “Little Mermaid” will transport your child to a wondrous place. Best of all, parents won’t have to worry about unforeseen spills on the playground. The leak-proof Kids Bottle Top will remain firm and secure during active bouts of horseplay. Even the tween set with their ever shifting tastes will find a variety of bottles in 0.6L to match their favorite trend. The sport loving teen will gravitate to “King of the Pitch” or “SkateMania” but for the girly girls who love all things pink, styles “Wild Stallion,” “Pink Skyline” and “Pixy” will keep them smiling ear to ear. 

The Active Life Collection celebrates athletes, fitness lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who know the value of health and hydration and need a superior beverage bottle that can keep up with their high energy lifestyle. Bottles in this category come in sizes of 0.6L, 0.75L and 1.0L, and brilliantly offer the wide mouth feature. Brand new to the 2012 Collection is the SlimLine bottle that weighs in at a mere 136 grams (less than 0.3 pounds) making it incredibly easy to grab-and-go on race day or when simply headed to the gym. For maximum convenience, the “SlimLine” bottles have two separate openings. The original patented 3-Stage Top is the primary drinking apparatus while the wide mouth below makes for simple cleaning of the bottle and refilling of liquids. The SlimLine design “Sun Salutation” pays homage to the yogi in all of us while the vibrant “Yoga” bottle in both mauve and mint captures the flavor of India. Carrying over from past lines, the SIGGnature series reemerges in black, white and red showcasing the brand’s name on the exterior and comes in both 0.6L and 1.0L bottles. 

The Classic Collection continues to honor the Swiss emblem with their evergreen sleek bottles. For 2012, SIGG has married the extremely popular “Touch” bottle with the Classic Collection to introduce the “Swiss Emblem Touch” bottle. These hybrid styles provide the superior grip of the “Touch” bottles with the elegance of the “Swiss Emblem” and are offered in matte blue, black, red and green. 

As always, the SIGG Switzerland line showcases a large variety of tops and caps in vibrant colors to customize your SIGG to your precise liking. Sturdy aluminum lunch boxes, cutlery sets, nylon pouches and a handy kids’ grip attachment are only a few of the stellar accessories available in the SIGG product line. For more information on SIGG to see the collection in its entirety, please visit

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  • Published on Jan 25, 2012
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