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Refresh and Revive Your Home

By Staff

Inhale Health

Diffusers are super easy to use; add a few drops of your favorite essential oil diluted in water, turn the diffuser on, then inhale the health benefits and leave your room smelling divine. Innogear’s eco-friendly bamboo diffuser not only releases delightful scents, but its sleek and natural design fits the aesthetic of nearly every space.

To Buy: $33, Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

All-Natural Noise

Steady white noise blocks certain sound frequencies from reaching our ears, which in turn enhances concentration, privacy and sleep. Achieve this relief anywhere with Marpac’s portable sound machine. Three sounds, four buttons — it doesn’t get simpler than that!

To Buy: $35,

Green Laundry Routine

With reusable wool dryer balls and hypoallergenic detergent made from all-natural soap nuts, this laundry kit from Buckaroo Organics is low-cost with plenty of cleaning power. This year, make your frequently used laundry room a chemical-free zone!

To Buy: $28,

Upgrade Your Morning

Made of sustainable hardwoods, plastic-free silicone, glass and stainless steel, this beautifully designed coffee press transforms a simple Mason jar into a sleek French press. If you love the look of this Peace Seed Organic product, consider investing in a matching Mason jar sleeve to round out the set.

To Buy: $59,

Bedroom Bliss

You spend almost a third of your life sleeping. Why not make that sleep as natural as possible? Earthsake’s linens are made with organic cotton that’s grown in the United States and processed with a chemical-free finish. Any dyes used are azo-free. These sheets are luxurious and soft, perfect for the end of a long day.

To Buy: $145 for twin sheet set,

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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