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Changing Whole Cityscapes into Gardens, Just a Few Steps from Everyone’s Kitchen

My Mobilegro invention is much more than the next new innovative home gardening product to hit the market.  It is a sincere true story about a four year journey filled with incredibly hard work, perseverance and sheer determination in the face of tremendous adversity. Giving up was never an option, I really believed in myself and my creative idea.  In essence it is what I consider to be the epitome of the same American spirit that built this country.

My name is Angela DiMaggio (yes as in Joe), I spent about 42 years in or around education and virtually in the service of mankind. When you review those years, it is evident to all that I have honestly spent a lifetime filled with community service, philanthropy, and dedication to my Arizona students. I am a doer.  I get things done the old fashioned way by rolling up my sleeves and accomplishing what needs to be done.  In doing so I have acquired what people say is a real tenacious reputation for results.  In my viewfinder it has been a constant personal quest of always striving to make a positive difference in this world.

Mobilegro is the first venture I have ever done for myself.  When many people tend to wind down in retirement, I did just the opposite. I got into product development, writing patents, marketing, public relations and manufacturing. This is not easily tackled by many, yet alone a 62 year old woman.  By working 18 to 20 hour days for 4 years I turned my life long creative gardening idea into an amazing and viable product that will now benefit millions of people nationally and internationally.

Mobilegro portable garden planters are what I consider beautiful metal works of art.  Artistically functional gardening carts designed for maximizing and transforming small spaces into bountiful gardens.  In 2007, 50 million people rented in the USA.  Unfortunately in 2011 that number has risen to 96 million.  My invention was once considered the old “Victory Garden”, or in modern terms, “The New Recession Garden” is a product with essential value and basically tailor made for everyone in today’s transitional / economically challenged times.

No longer will space constraints anywhere restrict people from gardening.  I envision a whole urban cityscapes and virtually every home in America being able to enjoy gardening because of my invention.  Mobilegro is an on-trend and timely product that has captured the entire lawn and garden industry by storm because of its universal appeal to include European and Asian markets.

Mobilegro has the distinction of being a first to market product with no comparisons.  Simply put, it solves a problem and fills a need.  It will ignite a whole new generation of gardening enthusiasts.  It is the perfect and practical gardening solution for a new generation.

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  • Published on Apr 12, 2012
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