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Best for Remodeling and Redecorating: Aurora Glass, Earth Weave, American Fluorescent

This sink is crafted from Recycrete, a concrete mixture made with recycled aggregates, and also incorporates heavy-metal free pigments and VOC-free sealers. Custom, one-of-a-kind Erosion Sink: from $2,700. (480) 209-4241

This dramatic Iris Pendant hanging light fixture from American Fluorescent provides bright, warm lighting while using two-thirds less energy than standard lighting. $349. (847) 249-5970

These artful woven shades–made in Asia by the Los Angeles-based Woven Company from rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo, grasses, reeds and palms–can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Shown: Sirona bamboo shade. Price based on custom measurements; additional cost for lining. (323) 222-2190.

Asko’s front-loading W6461 washing machine uses only 5.7 gallons of water and 0.3 kWh (about two cents’ worth) of electricity during its Quick Wash cycle. Shown in titanium with Asko T731 dryer (sold separately). $1,300. (800) 898-1879

Earth Weave’sBio-Floor carpet collection is made from undyed pure wool and natural hemp with cotton backing and natural rubber adhesive. It’s also free of toxic moth proofing and stain protectors. $35 to $45 per yard. (706) 278-8200

Aurora Glassrecycled-glass drawer pulls and accent tiles add splashes of color to tiled areas and cabinetry. All profits support charities. Accent liner bar (1 by 6 inches): $6; drawer pulls: $10 to $12 each. (888) 291-9311 

KlipTech’s PaperStone Certified is a formaldehyde-free, post-consumer recycled-paper countertop material made with water-based resins. Originally created for skateboard ramps, it’s durable and comes in a variety of colors. $30 per square foot. (360) 538-9815

Humabuilt’s formaldehyde-free wheatcore interior doors (made from rapidly renewable wheat) have low-VOC adhesives and come in a variety of Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood veneers. Prices depend on veneer and style of door. (541) 488-0931

  • Published on Aug 1, 2008
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