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Herbs for Cold and Flu:Sore Throat Gargle with Sage

<p>The sage (<em>Salvia officinalis</em>) used in the following recipe is a classic gargle, but other herbs such as marjoram, thyme or hyssop can replace it. Opera singers once used marjoram to ease a strained throat.</p>
<li>1 cup boiling water</li>
<li>2 teaspoons fresh or dried sage leaves</li>
<li>¼ ounce salt</li>
<li>Pour the boiling water over the sage, cover and steep for 20 minutes.</li>
<li>Strain and add the salt. Gargle as needed. Store in the refrigerator for a couple of days.</li>
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<em>Kathi Keville is the author of eleven books, including</em> Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art <em>(Crossing Press, 1995) and</em> Herbs for Health and Healing <em>(Rodale, 1996). She teaches herb and aromatherapy seminars throughout the United States and is director of the American Herb Association (</em>
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<strong>Herbs for Cold and Flu.</strong>

  • Published on Dec 31, 2009
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