Herbs For Anxiety

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Whether you have children, a fast-paced job, or classes to take, we all lead hectic lives. The stress from our lives can bring on a lot of anxiety. As a student, I get stressed and anxious fairly often, but there are many herbs that can help ease this anxiety. Some of these herbs include kava kava, valerian, St. John’s wort, bugleweed, ginseng, and chamomile.

Kava Kava

It is suggested that kava kava can ease your anxiety level in just one week and can also help you sleep.


LoveToKnow tells us that valerian is very effective when it comes to healing anxiety. Valerian works as a sedative and seems to have the least amount of side effects of any anxiety-healing herb. It also can work within a week of consumption.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort can provide long-term treatment for anxiety according to LoveToKnow, although it can cause interference with some prescription drugs such as anti-depressants, birth control pills, cyclosporine, digoxin, and wafarin.

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Holistic Online says that bugleweed can help soothe nerves as a way to treat anxiety.


Ginseng has stimulant properties, can help reduce anxiety and give you an extra energy-boost.


Chamomile has a few anxiety-healing properties. It gently acts therapeutically on your nerves and can help to soothe an upset stomach.

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Instead of risking addiction to anxiety drugs, try herbal treatment! Create teas or take capsules of these herbs for treatment. You can pick these herbs up at your local organic market.

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